Jan Börner Countertenor (copyright Marco Aste)

“Vergnügte Ruh” with countertenor Jan Börner

Anyone who has ever dealt with Bach's music and the cantata texts knows that this music never ceases to fascinate and move, and invites one to breathe new life into it again and again. Although the texts may initially seem a little antiquated or dusty to some from today's perspective, if one listens more closely one notices that the meaning is still relevant in relation to today. Bach knows how to translate the cantata texts into music with the greatest expressiveness and to combine the music and the text into a single unit.

Even if the composition itself stands alone as a perfect musical work of art, it must and should be recreated with each performance and each recording, and thus always takes on a new, individual and unmistakable face. And this creative process of the interpreter continues in the perception of the listener, shining as a listening experience in a unique moment.

With his recording, Jan Börner and the Capricornus Consort Basel offer a sensitive and multifaceted interpretation of these magnificent works, which allows new aspects to be discovered. It is a homage to the greatest, most expressive composer of the High Baroque period and an invitation to listeners to be enchanted by the world of Bach. With this in mind, the interpreter Jan Börner wishes you a pleasurable, enjoyable rest when listening to this “divine composition”!

After his extremely successful duo album with Nuria Rial “Freundliches Glücke, süßeste Liebe” (resonando 2021), the Swiss countertenor Jan Börner presents his third CD album with three solo cantatas for alto by JS Bach, which have remained a matter close to his heart since his youth as a choirboy.

  • Three of the most beautiful and profound jewels in Bach’s “cantata universe”
  • Melancholy, splendour, abyss, hope – mirror of life: Jan Börner’s velvety, sparkling interpretation touches and makes the tender strings of the soul vibrate
  • accompanied by the renowned baroque ensemble “Capricornus Consort Basel” with organist David Blunden (obligatory organ parts)

Vergnügte Ruh: Solo cantatas by J.S. Bach for alto

  • Widerstehe doch der Sünde (BWV 54)
  • Geist und Seele wird verwirret (BWV 35)
  • Vergnügte Ruh, beliebte Seelenlust (BWV 170)



Happy rest with Jan Börner
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