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Weltmusikalische Frischluft

Weltmusikalische Frischluft

Marie-Josefin Melchior, Johann Zeller

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Weltmusikalische Frischluft

Marie-Josefin Melchior & Johann Zeller
Duo KlangZeit

Groovy, lively, cheeky and deeply moving - this is how Marie-Josefin Melchior (violin, vocals) and Johann Zeller (accordion, vocals) present an astonishing range of world music on their debut album: Valse Musette, Tango, Czardas, Tradimix... everything becomes a freshly served feast for the ears.
Classics such as Piazzolla's "Adios Nonino" or the well-known Berlin song "Nehm'n Sie 'n Alten!" by Otto Reutter will be heard, as well as numerous original compositions by Johann Zeller.

Just like live, the two musicians often merge into an absolute tonal unity on the CD. But the next moment Johann Zeller is drumming groovily on his accordion, and Marie-Josefin Melchior draws a variety of tones from her violin, from Arabic rabab to electric guitar. A varied album full of musical liveliness!


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