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Keine Angst vor Shreefpunk

Keine Angst vor Shreefpunk

Matthias Schriefl, Shreefpunk

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Keine angst voR ShreefpunK

(Don't be afraid of ShreefpunK)

Matthias Schriefl with Shreefpunk
feat. Netnakisum & Strings of the Munich Philharmonic

Don't be afraid of boredom.

Matthias Schriefl's compositions are like an innovative surprise egg. This time, too, Shreefpunk combines masterful craftsmanship with an unbiased free spirit. That is precisely the secret of jazz trumpeter Matthias Schriefl. He was awarded the highest prizes in his youth. There is hardly a stage on which he has not played with well-known artists. Despite all his success and his in-depth knowledge, the internationally established multi-instrumentalist and composer remains honest and relaxed, body and soul, true to his idea of ​​jazz. With almost childlike curiosity, he consistently throws every note and rhythm sequence into chaos, only to then explore a wonderful garden of sounds with stylish creativity.


REVIEWS of Keine angst voR ShreefpunK

"The slapstick is more finely dosed and provides the musical ideas of Shreefpunk with plenty of material for breakneck jumps, crazy tempo changes and references to the most diverse categories of folk, bop, funk or even pop music. [...] At the end, the master of ceremonies ends up with another funny alpine song. He also provides the reason for this in the lyrics booklet."
Uli Lemke - Jazz thing 126

"Yes! It works and no matter whether it's ultra-fast bebop, metal guitar solos, string pizzicato, Stubenmusi, blues, punk or pseudo-funk - it can all be summed up musically in just one word: Shreefpunk! The concept of "no fear of simplicity, no fear of complexity" works and lets the listener - firmly in the saddle - participate in Schriefl's musical worldview on his wild ride.
The good thing about Shreefpunk is that Schriefl's music is not about tense or overly intellectual compositions, but rather he and his colleagues have a mischievous streak, coupled with solid craftsmanship and a corresponding musical free spirit. Ultimately, that is the essence of Shreefpunk and makes this recording incredibly exciting!"
Thomas J. Krebs - Jazz Magazine

"The perfectly coordinated quartet of lateral thinkers and lateral sounders effortlessly masters this rhythmic and harmonic rollercoaster ride, simply ignoring any stylistic pigeonholing and finding the perfect, agile and imaginative reinforcement for this daring undertaking in the unconventional women's string and yodeling trio Netnakisum and in four string players from the Munich Philharmonic. [...] "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny," Zappa once said sarcastically - jazz has never smelled more alive, I would say!"


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