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Orlando di Lasso

Orlando di Lasso

Vokalkapelle der Theatinerkirche, Robert Mehlhart

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Orlando di Lasso

Solisten der Vokalkapelle der Theatinerkirche München
Robert Mehlhart, conductor and organ
Christoph Eglhuber, lute

On this album, the ensemble "Vokalkapelle der Theatinerkirche in München" presents a previously unknown mass, "Missa Cantorum", the "Singers' Mass", which has only now been clearly attributed to the composer Orlando di Lasso by the musicologist Prof. Christian Leitmeir. This results in a highly interesting stylistic and historical relationship to the well-known Missa Venatorum, the "Hunters' Mass". Around 150 years later, the latter was given a stylistically very sensitive addition of a third voice in the Benedictus by the Munich Kapellmeister successor to Orlando di Lasso, Guiseppe A. Bernabei, which was also entered in the autograph - further evidence of the long history of reception of this mass after Lasso's death in Munich. The Missa Cantorum and the 3-part version of the Benedictus of the Missa Venatorum are world premiere recordings.

Orlando di Lasso: Magnificat Octavi Toni, Missa Venatorum, Missa Cantorum by Orlando di Lasso



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