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Freundliches Glücke, Süsseste Liebe

Freundliches Glücke, Süsseste Liebe

Jan Börner, Nuria Rial

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Freundliches Glücke, Süsseste Liebe - Baroque songs and duets

Nuria Rial (soprano), Jan Börner (countertenor)
Ensemble Il Profondo

In this album, the renowned duo of soloists presents a carefully compiled selection of works, songs and duets by various composers of the 17th century, which are combined here to form a “love drama in three acts”.

As in a miniature opera, the three acts are opened or divided by instrumental intermezzos. The first act begins with the first, fresh love of the two protagonists, which soon gives way to doubts and jealousy. In the plaintive second act, the individual voices face each other in their despair, with Johann Philipp Krieger's "Loneliness" as the absolute emotional low and dramatic climax, complemented by Johann Heinrich Schmelzer's lament. In the last third, hope and confidence emerge.

Will the two sufferers and lovers find each other after all? Adam Krieger's "Love Conversation" brings clarification. Happily reunited, the third act builds up to the final duet, "When Love and Happiness Meet," whose introductory words give the album its name.


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