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Herz & Mund

Herz & Mund

Vokalkapelle der Theatinerkirche, Robert Mehlhart

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Herz & Mund - Bernabei & Bach

Vokalkapelle der Theatinerkirche München
Baroque Orchestra La Banda
Director: Robert Mehlhart

The Missa Venatorum by Giuseppe Antonio Bernabei is a discovery by the musicologist Prof. Dr. Christian Thomas Leitmeir, which he brought to its first edition in 2021. The recording is thus also a world premiere recording of this mass. The juxtaposition with Bach's famous cantata BWV 147 (Heart and Mouth and Deed and Life) creates a tension between two contemporaries who are confessionally far apart but artistically astonishingly close, with regard to church music in the emphatic sense.

Missa Venatorum (GA Bernabei); Cantata BWV 147 Heart and Mouth and Deed and Life (JS Bach)


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