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Matthias Schriefl

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Matthias Schriefl flugelhorn, trp, etc.
Johannes Bär tuba, trombone, alphorn
Sarah Buechi vocals
Susanne Paul Cello
Mathilde Vendramin cello, vocals

Matthias Schriefl and the band "Geläut" with compositions for jazz quartet and church bells

In this album, the trumpet virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist and composer Matthias Schriefl presents a completely unique symbiosis of highly complex jazz and church bells. His compositions are developed from the "ringing" of specially selected churches and span a range between Mexico, Cologne, Constance, Austrian mountain villages and his home in the Allgäu. A rare kind of sound and art enjoyment!

With the band GELÄUT, Schriefl founded a band with the singer Sarah Buechi, the cellists Susanne Paul and Mathilde Vendramin and the brass player Johannes Bär, a long-time musical companion. The compositions served as the basis for concerts between spring and late summer 2021 at the respective locations with a band, the bell ringers and local musicians as bell ringers.

To do this, Schriefl manipulated the bells using rope constructions that were attached while climbing. This meant that melodies and rhythms could be heard from the towers and at the same time the band could play music in the church squares.
Thanks to these concerts, the residents were able to perceive their church bells in a new way and, after a seven-month concert-free period, experience lively music performed together again. This CD is the document of a very special concert tour that will resonate for a long time to come. The aim of the CD is to draw attention to the sound culture, effect, symbolism, history and, above all, the beautiful sound of the many church bells in European cities. The CD contains compositions tailored to almost all performance venues, each of which was premiered locally.

REVIEWS of Geläut

"I had the honor of mixing half of the tracks on this album: a mind-expanding experience.
The compositions are based on the harmonies of different church bells from selected churches, chapels and cathedrals throughout Europe.
The instrumentation includes entire churches (often several at the same time), harp, cello, tuba, trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn and alphorn as well as incredible vocal parts.
Stylistically, the pieces move between Indian and Bavarian folklore, finely seasoned with heavy metal and modern jazz, and in the end the whole thing is immensely funky. Words don't quite do justice to the task of describing this massacre of sound.
A small side effect of this production is that every church bell I hear now automatically becomes the intro to one of the songs on this record. Totally crazy!
I love this album and I hope it gets a lot of attention. Many thanks to Matthias Schriefl for entrusting me with these treasures." Philipp Zdebel, May 2022

"I've only listened to your new album twice in its entirety because I'm very busy at the moment, but one thing is already clear to me: you've once again succeeded in producing a special piece of work that fits perfectly into your existing portfolio. Your introductory words to this concept idea make it even clearer that, in my opinion and according to my knowledge, this music production is breaking new ground.
The music on the CD is varied, exciting, challenging to listen to, jazzy, experimental and touching. Simply well-rounded. With Sarah you have gained a congenial collaborator as your voice. It fits together wonderfully. The CD is a great success.
It makes me very proud that I have once again been able to make a tiny contribution to your work of art. It is for eternity.
Greetings and see you soon
Gerhard Richter, May 2022



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