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Vergnügte Ruh

Vergnügte Ruh

Jan Börner, Capricornus Consort Basel

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Vergnügte Ruh - Solo cantatas for alto by J.S. Bach

Jan Börner, countertenor
Ensemble Capricornus Consort Basel

In his solo album "Vergnügte Ruh" the countertenor Jan Börner offers a sensitive and multifaceted interpretation of the three famous solo cantatas for alto by JS Bach, which allows new aspects to be discovered. It is a homage to the greatest, most expressive composer of the High Baroque period and an invitation to the listener to be enchanted by the world of Bach. With this in mind, the interpreter Jan Börner wishes you a pleasurable, enjoyable rest when listening to this "divine composition"!

Solo cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach for alto:

  • Resist sin (BWV 54)
  • Spirit and soul are confused (BWV 35)
  • Joyful peace, beloved soul’s delight (BWV 170)


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